Butea superba + Jiaogulan - Combo Pack 60 + 60 Capsules

Butea superba –  60 Capsules 500 mg

Jiaogulan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum) - 60 Capsules 500 mg

1 Pack of Butea superba 60 Caps + 1 Pack of Jiaogulan 60 Caps = 120 Caps

100% Butea superba and Jiaogulan from Thailand

100% Natural herbs. No Extracts. No added Chemicals. No Magnesium Stearate.

Butea superba is called Kwao Kreua Daeng in Thailand.

Jiaogulan is called Jiaogulan in Thailand

Capsules are made from rice - suitable for Vegetarian and Vegan


Green Lotus are based in Thailand and specialize in premium quality 100% natural Thai herbal products with no extracts or added chemicals

Green Lotus Butea superba and Jiaogulan are pure 100% natural herbs from Thailand - with ALL the nutrients still there. Nothing removed. This means the body recognizes it as a natural food and can digest it properly and utilize ALL the useful nutrients to maximum effect. This is how Butea superba + Jiaogulan have been used - very effectively - in Thai traditional medicine for a long time. It will be just as effective for you

Why Both?

Butea superba and Jiaogulan help each other to boost male sexual performance. Butea superba increases the male hormone Testosterone and boosts Nitric Oxide which increases blood flow resulting in better erectile function and more staying power. Jiaogulan is a very powerful adaptogen herb that helps to regulate Testosterone and both boosts and regulates Nitric Oxide as well. Both herbs cause more blood to flow into the penis when it is needed and allow harder and stronger erections. So they work together very well.

Summary of Benefits of Butea superba

Butea superba has 3 powerful actions. It increases the male hormone Testosterone. It can boost Nitric Oxide which dilates blood vessels and helps to increase blood flow to the penis when sexually aroused. It acts as a PDE-5 inhibitor. This helps to relax the smooth muscle and allows more blood to enter the penis when sexually aroused, resulting in stronger and longer lasting erections. The effect can be quite strong for some men, especially middle-aged and older men.

Summary of Benefits

  • increases Testosterone levels
  • improves libido and sex drive
  • Better erectile function
  • longer lasting and harder erections
  • increase stamina and performance
  • relieves fatigue and stress
  • reduces cholesterol level
  • help reduce hair thinning and hair loss

Summary of Benefits of Jiaogulan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum)

Jiaogulan is known as the "herb of immortality" and is regarded as one of the best and most powerful adaptogen herbs in the world as it contains a high content and wide variety of beneficial plant chemicals, especially saponins, polysaccharides, flavones, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. As an adaptogen, it can regulate Nitric Oxide in the body and balance a number of different body systems, but especially the hormone and reproductive systems, cardiovascular system and immune system. Jiaogulan has all the same plant chemicals as the well-known Ginseng plus many, many more, making it much more powerful than Ginseng.

  • Powerful Anti-Aging effect
  • Regulates Nitric Oxide in the body
  • Better erectile function for men
  • Enhances sexual performance
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves heart function
  • Boosts Immune system
  • Improves liver function – lower LDL and higher HDL cholesterol
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant
  • Enhances athletic performance
  • Reduces blood sugar
  • Assists cancer treatments – reduce bad effects of chemo-therapy


Take 2-3 capsules of each herb (4-6 capsules) 2 times per day before food. Take before breakfast and 2 before sleep

Butea superba and Jiaogulan become MORE EFFECTIVE the longer you eat them. It took time for your body to get out of condition - so it takes time for your body to re-adjust itself. This varies for each person - so please allow up to 2-3 months or longer to get the maximum results 


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Green Lotus - Combo Pack Butea superba 500mg + Jiaogulan 500mg Capsules

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