Naturally Thai - Butea superba Powder

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Naturally Thai - Butea superba Powder

Butea superba is called Kwao Krua Daeng in Thailand.

Ingredients? 100% Butea superba from Thailand

100% Natural herb. No Extracts. No added Chemicals. No Magnesium Stearate

Allergen Free:: produced in a facility that only processes herbal products

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Butea superba is a powerful herbal tonic for men. More and more people are becoming aware that Butea superba has a number of interesting health benefits, especially for sexual health. In Thailand, it is used traditionally to enhance sexual performance, increase libido, improve stamina, reduce fatigue and for general rejuvenation. Butea superba is especially useful for improving male erectile function.

Naturally Thai Butea superba is pure 100% natural herb from Thailand - with ALL the nutrients still there. Nothing removed. This means the body recognizes it as a natural food and can digest it properly and utilize ALL the useful nutrients to maximum effect. This is how Butea superba has been used - very effectively - in Thai traditional medicine for a long time. It will be just as effective for you.

Benefits of Butea superba

Butea superba is a very good source of natural phyto-androgens that help the body to naturally boost male hormones. Being a 100% natural product, it can generally be regarded as very safe. Traditional usage in Thailand suggests that Butea superba can help promote healthy male hormone levels. A number of chronic illnesses and poor sexual performance are directly related to low Testosterone in the body. A good level of Testosterone is vital for good sexual performance and good general health. Taking Butea superba on a regular basis can help to restore an optimum level of Testosterone and therefore enhance sexual performance and improve general health

Butea superba has 2 other powerful actions. It can boost Nitric Oxide which dilates blood vessels and helps to increase blood flow to the penis when sexually aroused. It acts as a PDE-5 inhibitor. This helps to relax the smooth muscle and allows more blood to enter the penis when sexually aroused, resulting in stronger and longer lasting erections. The effect can be quite strong for some men, especially middle-aged and older men.

Summary of Benefits

  • isupports Testosterone levels
  • improves libido and sex drive
  • better erectile function
  • longer lasting and harder erections
  • increase stamina and performance
  • relieves fatigue and stress
  • reduces cholesterol level
  • help reduce hair thinning and hair loss

Add to food, drinks or smoothies as required. Do not exceed 10 grams per day
Butea superba is generally recognized as being safe to eat on a long term basis for most people, provided it is eaten in a sensible way according to the recommended amount. 


Butea superba works very well in combination with Tongkat Ali to help improve male performance.

Butea superba works very well with Thai Black Ginger to support healthy blood circulation and help improve male performance and stamina.


This product is a herbal food supplement. The product description contains widely available public information and is for informational and educational purposes only.  It does not claim, explicitly or implicitly, that this product can prevent, treat or cure any illness or condition. We do not guarantee that any of the benefits described will be experienced by anyone who consumes this product. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding or if you have or suspect you have any illness or if you are taking any medicines, please consult a qualified doctor or health care professional before taking any food supplement. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.