About Us

We are a small family business based in Hull, UK and Chiang Mai, Thailand.

All our herbal products are made with natural herbs from Thailand.

We buy direct locally and we know exactly where our all our products come from in order to ensure the highest quality.

All our herbal food supplements contain 100% pure natural whole herbs – nothing added or extracted.

We believe that the true health benefits of herbs come from ALL the natural nutrients working together.

Industrial extracts from herbs involve extra processing and thus are not completely natural. They give much less health benefit since the body does not recognize them as a natural food and therefore are often not digested or absorbed properly by the body.

Added chemicals such as Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, etc can interfere with digestion and absorption, often making the herb or extract almost useless.

Herbs in their natural state still contain ALL their useful nutrients. Your body recognizes the herb as food so it is easily digested and the useful nutrients are readily bio-available. This means better absorption and much better health benefits.

Our motivation is to help you to be as healthy as you can possibly be – and, wherever possible, by using natural products from Thailand.

Remember : You Are What You Eat – so eat naturally and enjoy natural good health



Mr Paul D E Ireland, (Naturally Thai) 21 Commodore Croft, Hull, HU1 2EL, United Kingdom

Herb Facility and Shipping Address

12 Soi 1, Sodseuksa Road, T, Chang Peuak, A. Muang, Chiang Mai, 50300, Thailand