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Greetings from Naturally Thai

Thank you for your interest in our Wholesale Partners Program.Through our Wholesale Program, Business Owners enjoy substantial savings on bulk purchases of Naturally Thai  and other products.

 By joining our Wholesale Program, you have the ability to provide your customers with Naturally Thai’s range of high-quality Herbal Food Supplements and Herbal Teas, Herbal Bulk Powders and dried herbs and medicinal plants from Thailand.


 Herbal Food Supplements and Powders

 Our full range of herbal food supplements and herbal powders are available in bulk quantities. We can supply in a number of different formats and package sizes to suit your requirements.  Our minimum order for capsules is only 1000 capsules per herb and 1 kilogram for herbal powders. We can also supply both capsules and powders in Naturally Thai branded retail packs or unbranded packs

 If you have a requirement for any herbal food supplement or herbal powder that is not in our current range, we can usually source and supply any herb to your exact requirements, if it is available in Thailand




Whether you are a start-up tea website owner or a seasoned tea seller, selling quality tea is essential for a successful tea business

 We offer a range of quality teas from Thailand in a number of different formats and package sizes to suit various businesses: we have Naturally Thai branded tea in retail packs; we have bulk tea; we have unbranded plain retail tea packs; and we have private label packaging so we can put your own brand name on the packs. Our range of high quality teas include Black teas, Oolong teas with varying degrees of roasting and Green Teas

 We can export tea in any quantity from as little as ½ kg upwards.  We specialise in single estate organic teas from the high mountain tea growing area of Doi Mae Salong in northern Thailand, as well as quality native Assam teas.

We have a comprehensive range of high quality herbal teas and tea bags, including the best selling Jiaoguan Tea, Mulberry Tea, Ginkgo biloba tea, Ginger tea and Reishi Mushroom tea

 We have extensive knowledge and experience with herb and  tea producers in Thailand and can source and supply any tea to your exact requirements.


Cafes / Restaurants

We can supply Naturally Thai premium version of the classic Thai Tea Mix and Thai Green Tea directly to you together with simple instructions for making a high quality Thai Tea Mix drink for your customers.  Minimum quantity is only 1 kilogram and we can ship directly to your establishment.