Naturally Thai - Holy Basil Powder - Ocimum sanctum - Tulsi

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Naturally Thai - Holy Basil - Tulsi - Ocimum sanctum - 500mg Capsules

It is called - Bai Gaprow - in traditional Thai herbal system

Ingredients: 100% Holy Basil herb

No Chemicals. No Extracts. No Additives. No Fillers. 

Allergen Free: produced in a facility that only processes herbal products

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Holy Basil is a potent herb that is well known as a strong tasting herb used in Thai cuisine. It is also a very important in the Indian Ayurvedic herbal system where it is called Tulsi. It has been regarded for a very long time as a herb of longevity because it has a beneficial action on many different body systems. In modern terms, it is known as a powerful adaptogen that can restore and balance the body in many ways to improve general health.

Benefits of Holy Basil

Support Male Hormones

Male sexual potency is dependent on the level of free Testosterone in the body. Poor sexual performance can be directly linked to low levels of free Testosterone. There are 2 main reasons for having low free Testosterone: 1) excessive amounts of Estrogen, the female hormone and 2) excessive amounts of the stress hormone Cortisol. Both of these neutralize Testosterone, causing considerable problems for male sexual health. Holy Basil is said to be effective at reducing both excessive Estrogen and Cortisol and therefore will help to indirectly boost Testosterone. It is especially effective if eaten together with either Tongkat Ali or Butea superba herbs which support Testosterone directly.


Holy Basil is said to be incredibly effective at managing the symptoms of stress, anxiety and mood swings. Apparently, it does this by supporting and balancing various hormones in the body. Over time, it regulates the overall function of the body's natural stress management system, supports the immune system, improves the body's natural detox processes which all allow the body to much better resist the negative effects of stress and therefore improve general health.


Chronic inflammation is now known to be a major factor in the development of many different health conditions. Holy Basil is widely known to be one of the most powerful and effective anti-inflammatory herbs in the world. It is said to inhibit one of the primary enzymes responsible for causing inflammation in the body. Being an adaptogen, it works in an holistic, natural way. Therefore, eating Holy Basil every day will provide support for a number of chronic illnesses. Holy Basil's anti-inflammatory compounds can also help to relieve pain and stiffness of muscles and joints.

Summary of Benefits

·       Helps support male hormone Testosterone
·       May reduces excessive female hormone Estrogen
·       May reduces excessive stress hormone Cortisol
·       Support better erectile function for men
·       May enhance sexual performance
·       Support immune system
·       May help reduces stress
·       Powerful anti-inflammatory


Add to food, drinks or smoothies as required. Maximum 10 grams per day. Do not exceed the recommended amount.


Holy Basil works very well in combination with both Tongkat Ali and Butea superba to support and regulate Testosterone levels, resulting in stronger, harder erections for men and improved sexual performance.


This product is a herbal food supplement. The product description contains widely available public information and is for informational and educational purposes only.  It does not claim, explicitly or implicitly, that this product can prevent, treat or cure any illness or condition. We do not guarantee that any of the benefits described will be experienced by anyone who consumes this product. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding or if you have or suspect you have any illness or if you are taking any medicines, please consult a qualified doctor or health care professional before taking any food supplement. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.