Original Thai Tea Mix - Raming Brand 450g

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Original Thai Tea Mix - Raming Brand 450g (16oz)

This is a very popular Thai tea mix with local people in northern Thailand - it is also used by a large number of shops, restaurants and street vendors to make all the usual Thai tea drinks.

Raming Tea Company is the largest tea grower and tea producer in Thailand, based in Chiang Mai.

Thai Tea Mix is a strong black tea with a small amount of sugar, natural herbs and flavors added to make a wonderfully aromatic and tasty tea with a very distinctive and unique Thai taste

If you need a drink that is hot and strong to help you wake up in the morning - or at any time - this Thai tea will do the trick - even better than strong coffee!!! It is also very refreshing at any time of the day as a cold drink with ice - the way it is often consumed in Thailand.

You can use Raming Original Thai Tea Mix to make all the traditional Thai tea drinks such as Cha Yen (Iced Black Tea) - Cha Rorn (Hot Milk Tea) - Cha Nom Yen (Iced Milk Tea) - Cha Manau (Iced Lemon Tea)

Thai tea is very easy to make at home. For a small amount - you can make it in a cup or teapot. Use freshly boiled water - as hot as possible. Don't leave the mix too long in the hot water - just 2-3 minutes is enough to produce a good strong taste. You can re-use the tea leaves to make more tea simply by adding more hot water.

This is real tea - not instant tea - so you have to strain the tea first to remove the tea leaves - or decant the tea into another cup.

Thai tea can be drunk hot or cold. For iced tea just pour the hot tea over the ice in a glass.

For the truly traditional taste of Thai Milk tea - as made in Thailand - use about 1-2 tsp sweetened condensed milk per cup and then add extra evaporated milk as required.

But - you can still get the great taste by using regular milk or evaporated milk and sweeten with sugar or other sweetener

For Thai Lemon tea - just add lemon or lime juice - and sweeten to your preference

Enjoy the authentic taste of Thailand