Green Lotus - Thai Black Ginger / Krachai Dam Herbal Instant Tea

Green Lotus


Thai Black Ginger Herbal Instant Tea - Krachai Dam - Kaempferia parviflora

Natural Thai Black Ginger herbal tea with added sugar

Just add hot water and drink

100% Natural herb with added sugar. No extracts. No added chemicals.

Black Ginger - Kaempferia parviflora -  is called Krachai Dam in Thailand.

All the benefits of Thai Black Ginger in a delicious drink

Fast acting to enhance sexual performance


Allow 2-3 teaspoons of Black Ginger Instant Tea granules per serving

Add water in cup or glass, stir well and drink. 

Water can be warm or hot but do not use ice cold water as the granules will not dissolve well in very cold water. For iced Black Ginger tea make first with with warm water and then add ice

Drink 60-90 minutes before sexual activity for best results, preferably on an empty stomach


Black Ginger Instant Tea and Black Ginger capsules work well with Butea superba to enhance male sexual performance