Yuzana Brand LaPhet Fermented Tea with Spicy Fries Pack of 10

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Yuzana Brand LaPhet (LePhet)  - Myanmar (Burmese) Fermented Tea with Spicy Fries - Pack of 10

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We are suppliers and exporters of all kinds of tea and herbal products from Thailand and Myanmar.

Myanmar (Burma) is one of the few countries in the world where people eat tea as well as drink it.

Laphet - or pickled tea leaves - is one of the national dishes of Myanmar (Burma) and is eaten everywhere on any occasion.

Laphet snacks are now the most popular snack food in Myanmar and are available in many varieties

This one - Yuzana Brand - Chin-Sat La-Phet + A-Kyaw-Sone - is a Hot and Sour  flavoured Pickled Tea with added Spicy Fries - and is one of the most popular varieties for Myanmar people around the world.